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A vintage clothing store, also a record store located in Allston, Boston, offering a selection of  T-shirts, clothing, accessories, posters, as well as new and second-hand music collections.

There is a building with an ATM inside, only half a street away from Boston University Agganis Arena and close to Raising Cane’s. A bank may be on the first floor at 957 Commonwealth Ave., but a treasure trove of recordings, posters, books, and antique apparel awaits you on the lower level.The Vintage Underground is a vintage clothing opened in October 2022, and record store in Allston, Boston, offering a curated collection of T-shirts, clothing, accessories, posters, and new and used music.As a long-term veteran of secondhanded items, the precedent of Vintage Underground was In Your Ear Records for over 30 years — boasts a longstanding history of music at its roots.

Q&A with Emily Moore, Manager of Vintage Underground

Q1.How long have you worked here? 

A: I’ve been working here for a year as a clothing vendor and three months as a manager.

Q2.Why choose this basement? Is there any story behind it that could be shared?

A: This location was formerly a record shop called In Your Ear. They moved that store to Rhode Island.  We thought it was an interesting location right near several colleges.


Q3.Were there any challenges when processing the shop opening?

A: Construction was smooth. We were able to move in and open shortly after. The fact that we are off street level poses some challenges in alerting people to come downstairs.

Q4.What does Vintage Underground want to deliver to its customers?

A: We wanted to offer a collection of clothing and vinyl records that would appeal to a wide range of customers and include the local student population.  We an to deliver some fabulous fashion options, decor for rooms, and music to the masses.

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Retro clothing

“At Home. In Style.”
         said Moore

Interview with Rosie, social media manager 
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